¤ Undercarriage Set & Parts

» Advantages Of Tragen UuderCarriage

• JIT Delivery: NO inventory carrying cost
• NO development cost
• Already proven undercarriage in the Indian Market
• Service support
• Forward integration possible with Track Module Supply
• Protects spare-parts market.

Based on the technology acquired from TENGL, TRAGEN proposes to manufacture & supply crawler undercarriage components for all major OEMs in India. Each component has a range of features that offers a wide range of benefits.

Sealed Tracks • Cone-shaped Belleville Washers fitted back to back for effective sealing of link joints • Outside dust, dirt cannot enter the bush and pin joint. Gives longer life of pin bushings compared to unsealed tracks.
Greased Tracks • Special profile on bushing bore holds extra amount of grease compared to plain bore of bushings in sealed track.

• The compressible polyurethane dust seals offer effective sealing. They lock the grease inside and dust remains out.
• The lubricated pin & bushing joint means lesser friction, better life.

• Silent operation without any squeaking & scratching noises.
Links • Optimized profile • Generous radii in forgings

• Smooth blending of different contours

• Beefed up links available for heavy duty application
Better strength in high operating stress areas

• Ideal distribution of mass

• Muscular link outlasts old link design
Pins & Master Pins • Made out of deep hardening Boron steel heat treated with a special cycle

• Choice of master pin of plain round or 'T' type headed design available
• The most optimal combination of hardened wear resisting case & toughened impact resisting core.

• Better selection option. 'T' design is maintenance-friendly. For marginal applications, regular master pin prevents weakening of pin boss
Bushings & Master Bushings • Choice of two distinctly different methods of manufacturing available for different end applications. For normal operation, a cost effective single stage heat treatment process is deployed.

• For demanding applications where track tension is high, a unique three stage Heat Treatment Process is used which enhances wear life.
Shoes • Specially controlled chemistry during rolling

• Unique press quenching process

• Wide choice of number of grousers & shoe widths
Gives the best combination of hardness & toughness.

• No interference while flexing.

• For different applications, the most appropriate selection is possible, without any compromise on number of grousers or strength.
Rollers • Made from deep hardening steel

• Subjected to special heat treatment

• The oil plug is located on side

• Endcollars are shrouded by roller flanges
Optimum combination of wear resistance as well as impact resistance.

• Easyserviceability

• No accidental damage or breakage of End Collars in operation.
Idlers • Multiple choice in terms of design - Spoketype, Single Web type, Box type

• Raw material composition
Appropriate selection possible to suit the load pattern in actual field conditions.

• Forged design with intrinsic high strength ensures favourable diameter to weight ratio.

• Cast design is sturdier than fabricated design.
Sprockets • A unique induction hardening process gives the best heat treat profile on teeth.

• Both ring type and segment type available. Also available with matching final drive for new/virgin applications
• Long lasting sprocket without any tooth breakage problem.

• Better selection for system design.

• System supply.